Safety Equipment Suppliers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Bambanani PPE are Health and Safety Equipment Suppliers, based in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Our safety equipment product range can now be viewed on line, as well as downloaded in pdf format from our Safety Equipment Catalogue page. We provide safety workwear for the manufacturing industry and mining industry.

Product Catalog

Please take a look at the various safety equipment products that we offer, which includes:

  • Hearing Protection - Earplugs & earmuffs
  • Eye Protection - Spectacles and goggles in a range of types, suited to the environment used in
  • Head Protection - Hard Hats in a range of makes and colours, ideal for differentiating between employees and visitors
  • Hand Protection - Gloves for use in fine sensitive applications, through to heavy industrial uses.
  • Foot Protection - Safety Shoes and boots with steel caps, water resistant and ladies safety shoes too
  • Protective Clothing - Two piece and one piece clothing items, from dust-coats through to Fire Retardant uniforms
  • Respiratory Protection - Single use respiratory dust masks through to re-useable respirators with replaceable cartridges
  • Welding Helmets - A range of welding helmets to suit your specific needs
  • Reflective clothing - Reflective waistcoats and reflective jackets, available in yellow and orange

In addition, we offer safety gear for large manufacturing industries and the mining industry, including reflective netting, buggy wips and a range of other safety related items. Please browse through our online safety equipment pages, or download our safety product catalogues to view additional protective items that we supply.